Wiping Out Graffiti at Red Rock Day

Kristi Weeks

By Kristi Weeks

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) hosts three community volunteer events each year. National Public Lands Day and Make a Difference Day take place in the fall and Red
Rock Day is scheduled to coincide with Earth Day.

To make these events successful, BLM partners with REI, the nonprofit organizations Southern Nevada Conservancy  and Friends of Red Rock Canyon. Red Rock Day was held on April 21 at the First Creek Trail within the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

With over two million visitors a year, one of the most disturbing trends experienced at Red Rock Canyon is the increase in intentional damage, specifically graffiti applied to cliff faces and boulders within Red Rock Canyon.

Unfortunately, First Creek Trail is heavily impacted by graffiti on a regular basis. Forty-seven volunteers, as well as eight staff members from the BLM, participated in this event to clean graffiti off boulders.

Food and water is always provided at volunteer work day events as a way to say “thank you” to
the community members who come out to help. The day began with coffee, juice and donuts generously provided by Ashley Lee of REI. Friends coordinated the event registration and provided swag bags to event participants. The SNC staff assisted with registration, as well as staffing an Earth Day education table for volunteers and hikers.

BLM staff, team leaders and community volunteers formed six teams and successfully cleaned approximately 25 graffiti sites along the First Creek Trail.

An additional team removed one mile of old cable and eight fence posts. After the work concluded, Friends provided sandwiches, fruit, chips and cookies for the hard-working volunteers and staff. Volunteers donated more than 239 hours, including event preparation, for this successful day.

What can you do to help reduce graffiti within Red Rock Canyon?

You can join Friends’ Graffiti Removal Team and help us keep Red Rock Canyon a graffiti free zone.

Since 1997, the Graffiti Removal Team has donated nearly 2,400 hours of their time and talents to
eradicate the blight. According to Graffiti Team Lead Peter Sbraccia, the areas that experience the most damage include trails at Oak Creek, First Creek and Ice Box, along with all of the Calico Basin and Red Springs sites, especially the climbing areas.

The Graffiti Removal Team works with the BLM to compile an inventory of graffiti damage and
schedules volunteer workdays outside of summer months to remove the damage. Become a member of Friends of Red Rock Canyon and support our ongoing efforts at preserving and protecting this very special place.

You can also help by sending your vandalism photos and the GPS location (use UTM NAD 83) to: preserve@friendsofredrockcanyon.org. Do not confront anyone you see or suspect
of this crime but do note details to provide to BLM Law Enforcement officers.

Friends also will provide a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone defacing Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Thank you to the following Red Rock Canyon staff and volunteers who contributed to a very productive morning: John Asselin, KC Craven, Cody Dix, Cory Gozar, Cal Howell, Shelby Johnson,
Janis Kadlec, Joe Kotecki, Tom Lisby, Wyatt Mulvey, Susan Murphy, Peter Sbraccia, Penny Sinisi
and Kristi Weeks.



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